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Iceland – The breathtaking beauty

Iceland – The breathtaking beauty

Seeing the Northern Lights in person was something I had always dreamed of doing but was also something I never thought that I would get the opportunity to do. As it approached the end of winter in the UK, it seemed the perfect time to go.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. And personally I have never been to a more beautiful, peaceful and safe place before. The streets were covered in snow and the houses all painted multi coloured – some even painted with a design. If someone offered for me to live there I would take it (if it wasn’t so cold however).

Whilst in Iceland you have to visit the famous geothermal spa, The Blue Lagoon. There’s so much to do there, from simply soaking up the healthy water in the outside pool to enjoying indoor saunas and steam rooms. Whilst there you can enjoy a drink from the pool side bar, try natural face masks from the boutique shack or even book massages. All from the comfort of the blue lagoon’s main pool.

As the sky turned dark and night fell there was one wish I had dreamed would come true and that night it did. After standing out in minus 10°C s for hours upon hours staring up at the sky hoping and wishing to see the beautiful Northern Lights – they finally appeared. Standing under something so complex and stunning; it completely took my breath away. I fell silent. Everyone did.

The following day consisted of the Golden Circle Tour, which is a tour that covers about 300 kilometres looping from Reykjavík into the southern uplands of Iceland and back round. On this tour I visited a Tomato farm, which I have to say I had certainly never done before. Experienced Geysirs of great heights. Endless land covered by a thick blanket of snow. And finally Gullfoss waterfall. It was at this point that I realised that I was so fixated on seeing the northern lights in Iceland that I certainly didn’t realise the many many more natural beauty’s that this country had to offer. Everything about this trip was perfect, the food, hotel, area, tours and even the weather. (Being from the UK this is a rarity.) I simply cannot wait to go again.

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