SophieCo | Interrail Trip – The planning (Part 1)
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Interrail Trip – The planning (Part 1)

Interrail Trip – The planning (Part 1)

Unlike many travellers who just pick up their passport, back-pack and go – I planned my Interrail trip in great detail. I did this in order to experience as much as I possibly could from the 1 month that I had and also at the cheapest price possible.

Here is a guide to how I planned for my Interrail trip:

Firstly, I bought the ‘travel everyday within a period of 1 month Global Pass’ from the Interrail website. Once I had bought this pass I then chose the countries and cities that I wanted to visit during my month traveling. I had to think realistically about how many places that I could sensibly fit into the month I had available. I went with eleven cities within eight countries, and decided to spend on average two to three days in each place.

Amsterdam – Dortmund – Brussels – Zurich – Munich – Budapest – Vienna – Krakow – Prague – Berlin – Halle

Next, I booked accommodation for each place that I was visiting. This varied across many different types of accommodation. It depended on the place and the price. For example, when in Amsterdam I stayed on a Botel. Which is a hotel that is in fact actually a boat, either small or large sized. This was a unique style of accommodation that I have never stayed at before. But chose it this time because it was reasonably cheap and highly recommended to me.

Another type of accommodation that I used was hostels, and in particular the Budapest party hostel Instant Groove. The party hostel had a club located a floor below, with free entry for guests of the hostel. If you want to party hard in Budapest this hostel is definitely the place for you. Especially at such a low cost.

Another quirky style of accommodation that is deemed very popular amongst Interrail travellers that I used is sleeping on overnight trains. I did this in order to travel a long distance at night to enable me to spend longer in cities.

However, the main type of accommodation that I used throughout my month away was small apartments, as they were cheaper than hotels, more private than hostels but practical nonetheless. To book the majority of my accommodation I used the app, as I was then able to keep track of my bookings whilst travelling.

Collection of my pictures of accommodations from my Interrail trip:



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