SophieCo | Interrail Trip – The Planning (Part 2)
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Interrail Trip – The Planning (Part 2)

Interrail Trip – The Planning (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my planning blog post – where information about buying tickets, travel money and packing can be read about bellow.

Once travel and accommodation was all sorted and accounted for, the next stage in my planning process was the itinerary. Booking tickets for numerous tours and experiences for throughout the Interrail trip was an important aspect of my planning process. I wanted to ensure that I would be able to do all of the tours that had originally dreamed of doing. Such as  The Anne Frank House and Allianz Arena Tour. Managing to fit all the tours in on the specific dates that I was in each city for was extremely difficult to figure out. To do so I created a calendar styled planner that I then took with me on my trip. Thankfully planning this way worked and I was able to do everything that I wish to do.

The main currency that I needed for my month away was Euro’s. I didn’t feel conformable carrying around all the money that I needed in cash. Therefore, I used a Sainsbury’s Cash Passport Bank Card, as this allowed me to safely and conveniently carry as much money as i required. It also meant I could pay in restaurants, bars, shops and museums by card instead of cash.

As a girl who loves to pack as much as I possibly can,  I found packing for a month away very difficult. I used a traditional large travellers back pack to carry all of my belongings around in for the month. I tried to be conservative but at the same time I wanted to pack with the weather and practicality in mind. In hindsight I most definitely could have packed less – as at times I very much struggled to carry the bag around cities. But this is certainly something that I have learnt for the next time that I go travelling.

Planning so intensely definitely meant that I got the most our of the time and money that I had available to me to do this months Interrail trip. However, the next time that I do a similar styled trip I may free-hand it a bit more by not booking accommodation and tours beforehand. I think that this would make travelling feel a lot more free and unrestricted. Nonetheless I am glad that the month I did travelling Europe was planned to the degree it was. But I look forward to trying another style of travelling.

Collection of my pictures of my planning process from my Interrail trip:

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