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Amsterdam – The First Place

Amsterdam – The First Place

Off I went on my Interrail trip. One month of being off work, away from the UK exploring new places. And most importantly doing the thing I most love to do, Travel.

Amsterdam was the first chosen destination for my Interrail trip, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was the most jam packed three days I have ever had. Full of so many different experiences, Amsterdam is just one of those places. So much history and culture all in one city. From the history of the Anne Frank House to the strange and bizarre sex museums that Amsterdam has to offer. It is one of those cities that completely change when it turns dark out. It works, because it’s Amsterdam. Don’t ask me how, but it just does.

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. It compares to nowhere that I have ever been before. The canals, traditional dutch houses, boats houses are so aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t have much money when you visit you can quite simply spend all day walking along the canals looking at the city around you.

As I have said in a previous blog post I stayed on the Amstel Botel, which was unique to say the least as I had to get a ferry styled bus from the Botel to the mainland area of Amsterdam city (outside of the train station). Although it was the best option for me at the time to stay at the Botel as it was cheap and recommended highly to me, it restricted how late I could stay out at night in the city as the ferry across and harbour did not run all throughout night. Despite this I made the most out of the situation that I could.

Top 10 ‘must see and do’ things in Amsterdam that I personally recommend:

  1. The Anne Frank House
  2. Cannel Pedalo/boat ride
  3. Ice bar
  4. Heineken experience
  5. Hire a dutch style bike for the day
  6. Visit Vondell park
  7. Dam Square
  8. Red light District
  9. I Amsterdam sign (both of them)
  10. Just simply walk the beautiful traditional dutch scenic streets

The Anne Frank House was certainly an eye opening experience. To actually walk through the bookshelf that the Frank’s hid behind for years was quite overwhelming. To learn about all their lives, about the house itself, and how the diary later became published is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Hiring a dutch styled bike for the day was one of the best decision that I made during my trip. It allowed me to see much more of Amsterdam that I wouldn’t have been able to see by foot. However this is a warning, be careful if you plan to do this it can be very dangerous especially if you are not very confident riding a bike. I for one definitely had some close encounters involving myself, a motor bike and a car.

The read light district is everything you would imagine it to be, and somehow more. You can’t really explain what it is exactly, or what goes on there. You just have to experience it for yourself.

My time in Amsterdam came to an end and I was genuinely sad to be leaving such a beautiful city.  But I still had just under a month of travel left. So it was onto the next place – Dortmund, Germany.

No. Piece of Advice:

  • Stay as close to the centre as possible
  • It will allow you to stay out late at night and fully experience what Amsterdam has to offer

No. Place for coffee:

  • Brasserie Baton
  • When I was in Amsterdam it was extremely hot so at this cannel side coffee shop I enjoyed an Iced coffee.

Collection of my pictures from Amsterdam:


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