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Dortmund – The surprise park

Dortmund – The surprise park

Initially the main reason why I wished to visit Dortmund was to get the opportunity to do a tour of the Signal Iduna Park, Borussia Dortmund FC’s football ground.

Football is a big passion of mine and the ground is nearly every football fan’s ideal stadium. Especially the home supporters stand behind the goal, commonly known as ‘The Yellow Wall’ – A sea of yellow and black, full of jumping enthusiastic and passionate fans. To get the opportunity to visit the stand was something that I certainly wasn’t going to miss. Unfortunately the guided tour that I booked was a german speaking one. And despite taking German as a GCSE I definitely could not understand a word. But this didn’t matter. The stand itself said enough. Standing in the middle of  ‘The Yellow Wall’ stand, I could just imagine it being game day and being surrounded by thousands of supporters.

There wasn’t much else to do in Dortmund, especially as the weather on the first of the two days was particularly horrible with there being a thunderstorm. I was recommended by a friend to visit Westfalenpark and Florianturm tower. The park was a natural beauty, a large open space full of quirky designed sections, play sets, flower gardens and a central cafe. It was quite a surprise. The weather cleared up and the park  looked even more beautiful with the summer sun beaming down on it. There were children’s playground sets placed randomly throughout the park.  For a couple of hours I just let loose and played on them all.

The Florianturm tower was the first of many tower visits that I would experience during my Interrail trip. With two levels at the top of the 173 metre high tower. The very top level was nervously very open. I’m not particularly scared of heights, but even I wasn’t to fond of standing right at the edge. From the top of the tower you could see all of Dortmund; you also got a brilliant birds eye view of the Signal Iduna Park.

The apartment that I stayed in whilst in Dortmund was definitely one of my favourites throughout my trip. It was a cute two-room studio, with the bed and kitchen all in one room. I found the apartment on, it was cheap and exactly what I needed for my time in Dortmund.

Next up on my Interrail trip – Brussels, Belgium.

No.1 Piece of advice:

  • Don’t be scared to take tours in foreign languages if it means you get the opportunity to experience something that you have always wanted to.

No.1 Place for coffee:

Collection of my pictures from Dortmund:


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