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Zurich – The mountain ride

Zurich – The mountain ride

I arrived in Zürich following my first ever over night train ride and some sleep considering. This was an adventure in itself. The 10 hour journey from Belgium to Switzerland (including 1 change in Germany) was very comfortable considering. I Confined in the space of my own sleeping cabin – with a bed, water basin, mirror and storage. It even came with a morning wake up call along with a snack breakfast and coffee. Night trains are great!

I arrived in Zürich at 7:00 am. Most accommodations in Europe do not let you check in until between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm typically. Therefore there was only one option – using Zürich Station’s luggage lockers. Skeptical of using them at first they became a complete life saver throughout my Interrail Trip, as they allowed me to spend the day exploring cities without having to carry my ridiculously over packed backpack around with me.

What did I have planed for the day? The first of many zoos that I visited whilst travelling. Zürich Zoo is located on a hill-top and even has a jungle feel to it. I saw animals here that I have never seen in zoos in the UK. I somewhat felt like I was a kid again after not visting a zoo in a very long time. Some of the animals that I saw at the zoo include: a black bear, elephants, lions, penguins and many many more. However, this zoo visit in particular made me think about the idea of what zoos actually are. This may have been because I’m much older now and haven’t visited a zoo in a very long time. I was conflicted, I love zoos (especially Zürich Zoo) and seeing all the animals that I may never get to see in their natural habitats – but at the same feel sad when I think about the lives of those animals enclosed.

Whilst in Zürich I took the opportunity to do a mountain coaster ride down Mt. Pilatus, which is part of the Swish Alps. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. Riding down the coaster trail with the snow-covered Alps around me and ahead, travelling at such high speeds – I felt free. Everything about the mountain coaster is unbelievable. The view, the adrenaline, the brisk wind on my face. I can’t really explain the feeling properly but I would certainly say that everybody has their own experiences when sliding down the trail. But it doesn’t matter what type of person you are the mountain coaster ride is a MUST DO experience.

The weather in Zürich was not particularly perfect and it was raining for the majority of my time their. The top of Üetliberg mountain in Zürich offers a breathtaking view of all of Zürich city. Unfortunately, when I visited the observation deck of Üetliberg mountain the beautiful Swiss city below was completely covered by fog. I was disappointed as pictures that I had seen online from the top of the mountain and of the mountain from Zurich street level looked stunning. And would have offered such a great opportunity to see some beautiful sights. Nevertheless, I certainly made the best of a bad weather situation and instead danced on the mountain top in the rain – Cliche as hell I know. But I’m serious that’s what I did.

Zürich town is classically beautiful, with stunning buildings on either side of Lake Zürich, which runs through the heart of the city. As the weather cleared up (slightly) on my last day in Zürich I took a stroll through the streets. For anyone who knows me, they will know that I absolutely love chocolate. So I couldn’t help visiting numerous Swiss chocolate shops. If you’re visiting Zurich check out the Teuscher cholate shop. On my way back to my accommodation I found a little bridge that crossed over Lake Zürich that was full of locks. I have seen many bridges such as this online, such as the famous love lock bridge in Paris. But this was so unexpected.

Everything about Zürich was so perfect! There’s so much to do there and so many beautiful sights to see. The restaurant that I visited also need a mention as they made my time in Zurich even better. I visited The Butcher, a burger joint that had quite and interesting slogan. (You’ll have to find that out for yourself by following the link on the restaurants name). This restaurant was so good that I went there for diner two days in a row. I couldn’t get enough! The second restaurant that I would like to mention is Vapiano, an Italian resturant where you order straight to the chefs and watch them make your meal. If I ever go back to Zürich I would 100% visit these two restaurants again!

I stayed in Zürich longer than a lot of other cities that I visited, but I was sad to leave such a beautiful place. Next up on my Interrail trip is Munich, Germany.

No. Piece of advice

  • Take a chance!
  • whether this means hurtling yourself down the Swiss Alps on a mountain coaster
  • Or visiting a place that could give the best views and experience
  • Yes, the weather may sometimes get in the way – but you will never know unless you take a chance

No. Place for coffee

I would definitely suggest grabbing a coffee after completing the Mount Pilatus-Bahnen summer toboggan ride. It might have been summer when I visited but it certainly wasn’t warm. Visiting Restaurant Fräkmüntegg was the perfect way to warm up, with such an unbelievable view of the swiss alps

Collection of my pictures from Zürich , Switzerland:

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