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Munich – The traditional Germany

Munich – The traditional Germany

Next stop, Munich, Germany. A place that I have always been interested in visiting for numerous reasons. Munich is such a traditionally German city. With traditional German beer halls all over the city centre – especially surrounding Marienplatz.

I spent only two days in Munich and to be honest I could have done with a lot longer in such an amazing city such as this. Munich was the only place where I actually stayed in a hotel – as it was surprisingly a cheap but comfortable option for me. The hotel was just a few stops on U-Bahn from the Marienplatz.

The first thing that I had planned was to do a tour of the Allianz Arena. As a football fan it was another must do on my trip. Arriving at the FC Bayern Munich and Germany National Teams football stadium,  I could just imagine it being match day with thousand of anticipating, dedicated fans surrounding the arena. Walking up to the stadium reminded me of when I visit Brighton and Hove Albion’s AMEX Stadium. The Allianz Arena is such an impressive stadium. With the capacity of 70,000 – 75,000 fans and its attention to detail. Lighting up the exterior of the stadium in the clubs colours – of red for Bayern Munich and White for the German Nation Football Team.

The interior of the stadium is equally as beautiful. With three tiers running the full way around the pitch – it is again a football fans dream stadium. The tour included a visit of behind the scenes of the stadium: Dressing rooms, press office, dugout  and end with a visit to the club museum. Where many many trophies won by FC Bayern Munich were on show. Along with old shirts, player profiles, stadium model and football memories. Visiting the Allianz Arena was such an amazing experience and I would strongly recommend every football fan to visit this stadium. It’s just beautiful.

For the rest of my first day in Munich I headed to the Marienplatz – which is a central square in the city centre of Munich, Germany. The two main building within the square are the Neues Rathaus – (used in my featured image) on the north side of Marienplatz. And the Old Town Hall – Altes Rathaus – located on the east side. Both buildings are architecturally stunning. The Neues Rathaus has a resemblance to the Brussels Town Hall in Grand Place that I had visited earlier on in my Interrail trip.

Surrounding Marienplatz are many shops, restaurants and traditional beer houses. If you head towards the Old Town Hall on the north side of the square and follow through the Talburg Gate you’ll find a strip of many to choose from. I found an amazing burgers and cocktail restaurant called Hans Im Gluck that I highly recommend.

For my second day in Munich I had a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. This was one of the tours that I was most looking forward to experiencing. It took quite some planning – the tickets and travel to the castle from central Munich. But it was definitely worth it. Neuschwanstein Castle is famously known as the sleeping beauty castle. The palace has also appeared in movies such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Great Escape. Based in South Bavaria, about 2 and a half hours from Munich central station.

My experience of visiting the castle did not start off so well. A bus takes you from the station up the mountain towards the castle where there are restaurants, tickets offices, shops etc.  I completed this journey to find that my tickets were back at the station (taped to the front door of a shop – to my horror). I simply did not think that there was going to be enough time to backtrack to the station and then back up the mountain in time for the tour time. With moments spare I made it. And the castle is just simply breathtakingly beautiful. The journey and the pain of getting there was 100% worth it!

My short time in Munich came to end far too quickly. However, next up was somewhere that I had been looking forward to for the entire trip – Budapest, Hungary

No. Piece of advice

  • When things get difficult don’t give up – especially if it is in order to achieve something that you desperately want to do or in my case see
  • My example of this would definitely be when I visited Neuschwanstein Castle

No. Place for coffee beer

  • When in Munich beer is a much better and traditional option
  • I visited Tegernseer tal Bräuhaus a traditional German beer house and restaurant located just down the street from  Marienplatz
  • I bravely sat in here drinking beer whilst watching the England Vs Wales Euro game and then the Germany Vs Poland game afterwards
  • I couldn’t visit Germany without watching a football game in a beer house

Collection of my pictures from Munich, Germany:

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