SophieCo | Budapest – The party weekend
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Budapest – The party weekend

Budapest – The party weekend

It’s the half way point of my Interrail trip! And it’s time to party! Budapest is known as a European party destination, and it certainly lives up to this. Here’s how …

When you stay in Budapest hostels are definitely the best option. A friend of mine recommended that I stay in the Instant Groove Party Hostel. You can guess what its like from the name. For about £9 a night (to stay in a private room) you can’t really go wrong. The hostel its self is located above the infamous Instant nightclub and residents of the hostel get free entry to the club. The staff was friendly and very chilled. The other residents were more often than not drunk – due to the ridiculously low price for beer in Budapest. The hostel was perfect and I always pass this recommendation onto to other people. (However, there has been some restoration work done to the hostel and club, so I am currently unsure whether it is currently open).

The Széchenyi thermal baths were definitely the attraction that predominantly attracted me to visit Budapest. Two thermal springs provide the water and heat the baths to their temperature of around 74 °. There is so much to do at the Szechenyi Baths: relax in the outdoor or indoor baths, get a message, use the saunas etc.

Every Saturday the Szechenyi Baths turn into a clubbing scene. SPArty is an event where you can have the experience of clubbing but in the surroundings of the thermal baths. Expect there to be lots of alcohol, clubbing music, disco lights and lots of very drunk youngsters. It’s a clubbing experience like no other! (Believe me)

I booked the visit to the Szechenyi Baths before I started the trip, and I enjoyed it so much that when I left there on the first day in Budapest I booked to go again the following day. It was a chance to relax and soak up some summer sun for the first time properly on the trip, and in such a beautiful and interesting place.

Once I left the baths (on the second day) I then went to explore the rest of Budapest. I walked along the Danube river, over the Chain Bridge. Budapest is split into two sides – Buda and Pest. I walked along the riverside on both sides – Buda and Pest. I did this both during the day and at night. The buildings that I saw along that way are some of the most impressive and beautiful buildings that I have ever seen. I remember standing on the opposite side of the river facing the Hungarian Parliament building at night when it was illuminated; and I quite simply couldn’t take my eyes of it. Such a fascinating piece of architecture and when it is lit up at night it becoming even more astonishing. I can’t wait to go back stand where I was that night and experience that feeling all over agin.

I do regret not visiting any other places that Budapest has to offer. Such as the Hungarian Parliament, Buda castle and castle hill, St Stephen’s Basilica amongst others. Anther thing that I wish that I had done was go on a Budapest bar crawl as I have heard that they are great fun, a good opportunity to visit many of the famous ruin pubs and you get to meet great people. I really felt that I didn’t experience much else that Budapest has to offer other than the party/nightlife and the thermal baths. I do plan on hopefully visiting Budapest this coming summer, and I will certainly ensure that I visit these places! (As well as the baths and clubs again)

No.1 Piece of Advice:

  • Despite how great something may be and how much you want to do it again, ensure that you experience everything that a somewhere has to offer.
  • Otherwise you’ll miss out!

No.1 Place for coffee:

  • Coffee Arabica
  • However, I was definitely suggesting swapping coffee for alcohol whilst in Budapest
  • There are so many ruin pubs (which Budapest are famous for) that you can visit

… Oh and if you are wondering what a ‘ruin pub is’ it is quite simply a venue that sells alcoholic beverages – but the venue is an old building left in a ‘ruined’ condition

Collection of my pictures from Budapest, Hungary:


  • merveilletravel
    Posted at 11:21h, 06 July Reply

    Budapest is one of the european cities that I wanna visit so bad! Including the SPArty at the thermal baths 😀

  • merveilletravel
    Posted at 11:21h, 06 July Reply

    Budapest is one of the european cities that I wanna visit so bad! Including the SPArty at the thermal baths 😀

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