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Vienna – The dream that came true

Vienna – The dream that came true

Throughout my blog post I have mentioned hobbies and interests of mine. Here’s another – I absolutely LOVE pandas. And guess what, visiting Vienna meant my dream of seeing a panda in real life finally came true.

Of course this was not the only reason for visiting vienna. there are so many beautiful buildings in this city that will quite simply take your breath away. Due to travel times I and when I finally arrived, only had one full day in Vienna. Tying to squeeze everything I had planned was quite difficult. Especially as by this point I had been travelling non-stop for half a month and I was starting to feel exhausted.

Schönbrunn zoo, the second zoo that I visited on my Interrail trip. It was different to Zürich zoo and I would definitely say laid out in a more traditional style. Of course there was one main feature that differed this zoo to any other one that I have ever visited before – Pandas! As soon as I was through the gates of the zoo I was off to find the panda enclosure, which just so happened to by right near the front of the zoo. I spent ages just standing there staring at the two pandas in front of me. I was in love! Everyone has a favourite animal and pandas are mine. And for any one who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with them.

Once I finally prized myself away from the panda enclosure I went off to explore the rest that the zoo has to offer. The Penguin, seal and polar bear enclosure are definitely ones to visit. Especially as I never thought I would ever see a polar bear in real life. That was quite surreal. As i left the zoo I went back to the panda enclosure for one final goodbye (Until next time)

The zoo is located near Schönbrunn palace. Definitely take a stroll through the surrounding gardens as they are just beautiful, especially on a hot summers day.

Once I left the zoo I headed for The Vienna Prater where I took a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel. An old-fashioned ferris wheel that gives you a brilliant view of the Prater and Vienna’s 2nd District. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay very long in the amusement park as I only had one day to see as much of Vienna as possible.

Vienna’s Museumsquartier was next up. As the sunset on the beautiful buildings it made it the perfect time to visit; giving them a golden glow. These included: Hofburg Palace, The Austrian Parliament building, St. Stephen’s Cathedral amongst many others. But I certainly didn’t experience Vienna as much as I could have. So it might mean another trip on the horizon.

No.1 Piece of Advice:

  • If travel times means that you don’t get a lot of time to spend in a city try to make the most it
  • Try spending a few hours in each of the places that you wish to see
  • Try and get the best experience possible out of the little time you have

No.1 Place for coffee:

Collection of my pictures from Vienna, Austria:

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