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Prague – The Time to Relax

Prague – The Time to Relax

Finally I had arrived in Prague, after one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life. I on an overnight train from Krakow to Prague. However, unlike my recent, luxury experience of overnight train accommodation this was certainly very different. The booking that I made (admittedly very last-minute) was for a seat in a booth (similar to the Harry Potter train booths). A Single seat in a freezing cold booth for a very long almost 12 hour journey. It’s a good thing that I’m small and can squeeze into a ball on one seat and fit a towel over me as a cover.

As I arrived into Prague I was extremely excited to be meeting up with my best friend Lauren, who had herself spent time in the beautiful city of Prague. This excitement shortly disappeared when she told me the news that the UK had left the EU (don’t even get me started). Off we went for coffee is this new city, and admittedly we spent most off our time talking about Brexit.

Lauren left a couple of hours after to catch her flight back to England. Where as my time in Prague was just beginning. Prague, much like other cities that I have visited on my trip is split into two sides – each on one side of the river. My accommodation was located on the same side as Prague Castle. Meaning the Prague Old Town Square was just a short walk across Charles Bridge. If you’re planning on visiting Prague it really doesn’t matter what side of the river you stay on. You’ll still only be a short walk, tram ride or underground ride away from significant places.

Prague was the first destination on my Interrail trip where I had nothing planned. No tours, no pre-booked visits. Instead I had three full days of wandering around this beautiful city; and that is exactly what I did. The weather was absolute bliss, with the sun beaming down and not a cloud to be seen in the sky. It made my time in ‘Praha’ that much better.

The first attraction that I visited was Petrin town, located at the top of Petrin Hill. The top of the ‘miniature Eiffel Tower’ gives you the most breathtaking view of all of Prague. That is if you can stomach that height and all 299 steps there are in order to reach the top. After all those steps and in the 30° degree heat an ice cream was in order. And where better to enjoy it than to sit in the gorgeous summer sun at the top Petrin hill.

That evening after I ventured up to Prague Castle at sunset. The setting sun made the colours of the castle and in fact the city look magical. A land of orange and golden coloured buildings. I sat on the wall ledge and watched the sunset over the beautiful city. I simply couldn’t wait to explore more of what Prague had to offer the next day.

Up and out the apartment for the brand new day in Prague. A stroll across Charles Bridge to my first destination of the day. The river side, to hire a pedal boat. What better way to see the river side sights and soak up some sun? Cruising along the river with not a care in the world. I even came across a little island in the middle of the river; which seemed to be a great place to listen to live music and drink. (Certainly my kind of place). I definitely advise hiring a pedal boat if you’re in Prague on a nice hot summers day. I even saw some groups of people drinking and jumping into the river from their peddle boat – whether this is actually allowed I’m not too sure.

Next on my list of things to see and do was The Dancing House, otherwise known as the Fred and Ginger House. And it’s very non-traditional design makes it a perfect picture opportunity.

The next day, after another stroll across Charles Bridge I visited Prague Old Town Square. A beautiful square made up of beautiful buildings. And also home to Prague’s astronomical clock. You’ll have to visit it yourself to see what it does. I sat in the square and enjoyed many cocktails. It’s the perfect spot for them.

Prague is known for its nightlife of bar crawls, pubs and clubs. I didn’t visit any clubs but I know many people who have, and they definitely suggest checking them out if you fancy a great night out. I visited many pubs and cocktail bar however; and the alcohol is so cheap you won’t believe it. So whether you’re looking for a city break where you can enjoy some sights during the day, or a party holiday where you can hit up the local clubs, or even both, I would absolutely recommend Prague.

I didn’t want to leave Prague but unfortunately my time came to an end. Next stop – Berlin, Germany.

No.1 Piece of Advice:

  • Charles Bridge is ALWAYS so packed with poeple
  • Wake up early one moring (around 5am and take a stroll along the very empty bridge
  • It’s a must do!

No.1 Place for coffee cocktails:

  • It was far to hot for coffee whilst I was in Prague – and at the price of alcohol it seems like the better choice
  • Visit –

Collection of my pictures from Prague, Czech Republic:


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