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Amsterdam – The Second Time Around

Amsterdam – The Second Time Around

One of my favourite ever places is definitely Amsterdam. With it being just a short 1 hour flight from London Gatwick; it’s the perfect long weekend getaway. And what better reason to go then to celebrate a birthday and the end of the first year of University completed? And what better time to go then June!

With only 3 days in the beautiful city the days were jam packed and we had some pretty sore feet by the end of the trip. One of the best things about Amsterdam for me is that even if you have nothing planned for the day, walking around the streets and canals is really all you need to do. You’ll soon enough come across and cute coffee (actual coffee) shop or funky bar that you want to check out. Or even find a strange museum to keep you busy. You don’t have to have every minute of everyday booked up to have the most amazing time in Amsterdam. It is definitely one of those places that you should just free hand. After landing and eventually getting to the hotel; it was finally time to explore my favourite city.

On the first night after wandering the streets for a while we can across this tiny little bar/restaurant called Cafe De Pool. It had a group of people drinking and laughing sat at the window. A couple on a little table near the door. It looked so quaint.
(Check out a video of Cafe De Pool here)

The Anne Frank House is one of my favourite things to do in Amsterdam; and this was the second time that I had done the tour. However for any first timer it is a must! I can’t stress enough than to advise people planning on visiting The Anne Frank House to book before you go! It is so much less hassle; as the queues for on the day tickets can take hours. I bought the tickets on the website in advance – as tickets for your days might be sold out – and had the tickets ready on my phone at the entrance of the tour.

The area surrounding The Anne Frank House has definitely got to be one of my favourites in Amsterdam. The houses just look so aesthetically perfect. The canals look stunning, especially when the June sun is beaming down on the water. And what I love is when you stand at the bridge railing of a canal and there are little flower bed on them. It’s a tiny detail but it looks gorgeous and makes for a great picture.

The Heineken Experience is one of the best tour you can do whilst in Amsterdam, and in my opinion it is such a great value for money. The tour had changed quite a bit since I visited last June. In literally a year they added the roof top bar feature, where you can eat and drink at the top of the factory roof. Which is truly amazing, especially on a hot summer’s day. Once again it is definitely a tour for fist timer’s of the city but for multiple time visitors.

Two slightly ‘unusual’ museums that are a MUST DO are the Sex Museum and Prostitute Museum. No need to book tickets beforehand, just turn up and enjoy! You’ll learn a lot about the world of sex and the history and relationship that Amsterdam has with it.

On the last day we met up with my friend Lauren (who also featured in my Prague blog post). I hadn’t seen Lauren in a couple of months and a catch-up was much-needed. And honestly there was not better way to do this than to sit out on the canal on the red light district drinking Heineken from the Royal Taste Bar. The afternoon sun beamed down on the three of us as we drank and chatted for hours. This was such a simple experience but I highly recommend you doing this at some point on your trip. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip

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No. Piece of Advice:

  • The I Amsterdam Sign is one of Amsterdam’s most visited attraction
  • However it is almost impossible to capture the perfect (people free) picture of it
  • Therefore you should wake up early and venture to the sign located outside the Rijksmuseum
  • If it’s early on a Sunday morning trust me it will almost be empty!

No. Place for coffee:

  • The Tara
  • I visited this pub multiple times and on all different occasions
  • First: To enjoy a lovely iced macchiato – whilst sitting outside on a busy summers afternoon
  • Second: We stopped in here on our way home one night for a drink – it was cheap and I love the style of the inside
  • Third: On the last night we ate here and had the Hamburger and fries – lets just say that it was absolute delicious

Collection of my pictures from Amsterdam, Netherlands:


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