SophieCo | The way to remember your trip – Part 1
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The way to remember your trip – Part 1

The way to remember your trip – Part 1

Whilst you are on your city break holiday or your time away travelling there are little things that you can do to ensure that the memories you are making last a lifetime.

  1. Photographs
    It sounds like an obvious one but taking pictures while you’re away is a perfect way to make the memories last a life time. Whether you take them on your phone, digital camera or Polaroid camera. I have personally used all these types and each one offers a different photographic style.

  2. Videos:Videos are a great way to capture the atmosphere of where you are. Whether you are watching a geysir exploding in Iceland, at a club in Budapest or on a river in Prague. They enable you too look back weeks, months or even years later and to the exact moment to relive the experience.

    Follow the links bellow to see some videos from my travels:

    Iceland 2016
    Budapest 2016
    Prague 2016

  3. Collect postcards:Every where I go without fail I buy a postcard. Each postcard will contain an image or multiple images that best represent the place that I have visited. They are cheap to buy, small and easy to carry around which makes them perfect memory souvenirs.

  4. Pressed coins:
    Another thing that I try to collect from every place that I visit is a pressed coin. These are not very well-known to many people, but I first became aware of them when I visited Disneyland at 7 years old. And since then have loved collecting them. If you don’t know what they are – you pay a penny and a pound (or 1 cent and 1 euro for example) and the penny will get pressed down into and oval shape with your chosen design engraved into it. I think that they are brilliant travel collectives as they are tiny and easy to carry around on long trips.

  5. The classic grey t-shirt:Finally, a quirky souvenir that I like to take home with me is a simple grey t-shirt from as many places as possible. This is probably one of the more expensive souvenir options as they can be quite expensive is some cities. Therefore, I have only purchased a grey T-shirt from Reykjavik, Amsterdam and Prague. Of course it doesn’t have to be a grey t-shirt but if you are thinking of doing this idea pick a colour scheme so that they all match. (Personally I think it’s a funky idea.)

  6. Souvenirs:
    There are so many different souvenirs which you can purchase to remember your time away. From magnets to bottle openers, decorations to art. (Just make sure you can get it through airport security and home) If there’s something special that catches your eye and that will make you always think of your time away then buy it. Because if you don’t you might regret it when you get back home. I always try to buy a little something from the places that I visit.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to find your own keepsake travel memories!

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