SophieCo | The way to remember your trip – Part 2
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The way to remember your trip – Part 2

The way to remember your trip – Part 2

Once your holiday or trip is over and it is back to the reality of work or University etc everyone experiences those post holiday blues. And as time goes on the little details of your time away disappear. This post is all about ways that you can remember each trip and how to create those ever lasting memories.

  1. Print your photos and put them into a travel themed photo album:Having your pictures on your phone, computer or camera is great but it’s not quite the same as having them printed and being able to look through an actual physical album and not an electrical one. Yes, printing pictures can be expensive. Therefore I would recommend an app available on both the app store and Google play called Free Prints. Where you can get “Up to 45 free 6×4 prints per month” and the only thing you pay for is any additional prints you want and the postage and packaging. It’s a great way to add to your travel memories every month.


  2. Keep your tickets and receipts and make a travel scrapbook:Making a scrapbook from your tickets and receipts is a creative way to remember your trip once you are home. If you keep them whilst you are travelling then it gives you the opportunity to make a day by day visual diary of your time away. Scrapbooks do take a lot of time to make; but when it’s reminding you of your travel memories at the same time then it is never a chore.

    I bought my travel scrapbook online from a website called – where independent small businesses can sell handmade or vintage items. My travel scrapbook came from a company called Hertsdale which is owned by a woman called Becca Moody. I would definitely recommend checking out her online shop on


  3. Travel accessories:
    I always were a bracelet on my right wrist and feel naked with one. I wanted something that I can where travelling and when I’m home. I shopped around and came across a company called El Camino. Which sell travel bracelets that allow you to add charms (or steps as they call them) that have engraved on them the Continent, Country, City or specific place that you have visited. What I love about this product is that I get to add to it every time I visit a new place as well as it being a constant reminder of everywhere I have been. (So far I have only got three of the Countries that I have visited.)


Whenever you’re feeling down or craving a get-away just get out your personal photo albums and scrapbook and remind yourself of the great times that you have had travelling.

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