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Transport – The Way to Get From A To B

Transport – The Way to Get From A To B

Finding the best flight or train for your trip can be difficult as you often have to choose between the cost and time of travel. This blog post offers my advice on finding the best deal.

No.1 Rule:

Most people fly with the same company to and from the destination as they find it is the easiest option when booking. However, more often than not you can find a much better deal in terms of times and prices if you travel with more than one airline. An example may be; flying to Amsterdam with Easy Jet and back with British Airways.

The best way to do this is to use the sites mentioned below to find your perfect transportation. And they can save you hours of searching online, as you don’t have to search on each individual airlines website for the best option.


I found this website through a TV advert just before my trip to Iceland in 2016. It made looking for flights 100 times easier by allowing me to choose specific flight times but at the same price. The site offers thousands of combinations of flights. From multi-airline travel to flights with stops. Customers are able to have the freedom and control over their transportation.

The website is easy to use and clear about prices. Which can be a problem with some similar online companies. I now always go to this site when I’m planning a trip away.

It also offers booking for hotels (and flight combination deal), car hire, villas and more. It’s a comparison site perfect for those who travel.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 23.12.43

Example of a KAYAK search for flights from London Gatwick to Berlin in August


Almost identical to KAYAK, Skyscanner also offers simple searches for the best flights that suit you.

The two websites are pretty much identical but one may offer a flight or airport that the other doesn’t so it is definitely worth checking them both out when booking your flights.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 23.17.39

Example of a Skyscanner search for flights from London Gatwick to Berlin in August (Same as KAYAK search above)


If you’re looking for more of a flights and hotel package deal then I would recommend using Expedia. I used this site when booking my Rome 2015 trip and it made it much cheaper than booking flights and hotel separately.

It gives a clear indication of prices by telling you how much the hotel and flights cost together. Prices can rise when specific room, include airport transports etc.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 23.33.30

Expedia search for hotel and flights to Rome from the 7th August

EasyJet Holidays

Similar to Expedia but obviously all flights are EasyJet. The site offers cheaper flights and hotel package deals. I checked this out by searching the flights on EasyJet and hotel on and found it on numerous occasion to be more than £50 in difference.

Of course flying is not the only form of transportation for your trip. It may often be the quickest but not always the cheapest of more convenient. Trains, especially in central Europe are an extremely popular way to travel. Especially between countries and cities. More and more people are opting for train travel when planning holidays.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 23.35.16

EasyJet Holidays search for hotel and flights to Rome from the 7th August

Train Travel:


If you are planning a trip around Italy or are planning of travelling from one part to another then I would recommend travelling by train. Trenitalia is Italy’s primary train operator and are very reliable. The prices are reasonable, the timetable runs smoothly and the trains and clean and modern. All of which makes your travelling through Italy perfect.


Another country where travelling by train can be a perfect option is Germany. Whether you’re travelling through the remote German villages, the mountains or cities there’s a train journey perfect for it. Germany also has many high-speed train that operate called ICE trains; which travel up to 186 mph. Making national and international journeys quicker then ever before. Deutsche Bahn is a German train company that you can book your tickets through.


It may be worth purchasing a Country Pass through the Interrail website; which allow you to travel to travel on unlimited trains in your chosen country. There’s a pass for numerous european countries and all offer different lengths of travel. Booking an Interrail pass may make your train travel much cheaper if you are planning on travelling in one Country such as Italy or Germany.


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