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Brighton – The place that I call home

Brighton – The place that I call home

To kick off writing about places to visit in the UK, my first blog post had to be about Brighton. It’s where I’m from, and where I love most. I love everything about Brighton – the views, the culture, the people, the atmosphere and of course the football club. And I hope that if you visit Brighton, you will also fall in love.

There is so much to do and see in Brighton that it is hard to name everything. But I can certainly suggests areas and places that are a must if you are visiting this beautiful southern city. It’s a city that has something for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in.

Into vintage clothing? Then head down to the North Lanes where you will find all the vintage/second-hand shop that your heart desires. Not forgetting the other quirky shops, cafe and restaurants that the North Lanes have to offer. They are a wonder of small back streets, filled with colour, quirkiness and pride. They are also a great place to grab a coffee, smoothie or even some frozen yogurt.


Or are you more into designer brands? Because the South Lanes will have everything that you could possibly wish for. Along with some lovely restaurants and traditional English pubs. And not forgetting the South Lanes is home to the world-famous Choccywoccydoodah shop. A contrast to the North Lanes, the South Lanes make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time whilst wandering the narrow passages. (Which are exceptionally pretty during the christmas period.)

Of course what’s Brighton without its beach? The South Lanes will lead to straight to it; the infamous Brighton beach. My advice – grab some fish and chips (just chips for me) from a shop on the sea front road and head over to the beach, sit down on the pebbles and take it all in. (If you’re lucky enough to get the sun).


On a walk along the beach front you’ll see lots of quirky bars and pubs, some of Brighton’s night clubs, as well as some stalls and restaurants. Everything you could possibly need is all there at just a stones throw away (literally).

What next? Palace Pier is a must! Especially if you are a first timer to the city. You can’t say that you have visited Brighton without going on the pier. Just make sure you have some pennies in your pocket for the coin machines. There’s hours of fun to be had on the pier, from the coin machines to roller coaster rides on the rear edge of the pier. There’s also a traditional fish and chip restaurant and take out in the centre of the pier if you get hungry. Or there are numerous stands selling candy floss, fried doughnuts, ice creams and more. Personally one of my favourite things about Palace Pier is the free deck chairs that you can use. I love relaxing in a deck chair enjoying the view of the ocean, the ruins of the West pier and the beach whilst having an ice cream.


Personally next on my list of places to see in Brighton would be the Royal Pavilion. With its architectural style similar to that of the Taj Mahal in India. It is simply beautiful, whether lit up at night or during a sunny summers day. The surrounding garden’s of the Royal Pavilion are popular amongst locals as a place to sit down and relax on your own or to hang out with friends. In the winter you can ice skate with the Royal Pavilion as your backdrop, which really creates a magical Christmas atmosphere.


There are restaurants to cater your every need. From traditional sea-side fish and chips to tapas, sushi and burgers. You won’t have trouble finding somewhere to eat when you’re in Brighton. My go to restaurant is Burgers and Cocktails. A quirky and laid back restaurant in the heart of the city serving an amazing selection of … burgers and cocktails. The restaurant has many offers available to its customers, for example happy hour on cocktails (usually weekdays after 5PM). Which makes a large selection of their cocktail list HALF PRICE! And with student discount on food, this restaurant is perfect!

Brighton almost seems like a different city at night. It’s definitely a party city and there’s a place for everyone to grab a drink. There are hundreds of pubs in Brighton and there will definitely be one perfect for you. My personal favourite is Hobgoblin, with its cheap student prices and amazing, quirky and colourful outside seating area. It is the perfect place to have a chilled drink with your friends! But honestly that is just 1 of hundreds of places that you can get a drink in Brighton. As there are also numerous cocktail bars, karaoke bars, gay bars, jazz clubs and more. There’s somewhere for everyone and every occasion.

A notable date on the calendar since 1973 in Brighton is Gay Pride. where the whole community comes together to support the LGBT community. The city turns into (even more than normal) a sea of rainbows and glitter. There is a parade that runs through the heart of the city and finishes in Preston Park, where the real party begins. But the entire city gets into the spirit of pride so if you don’t go to Preston park then there are plenty of others places to continue celebrating Brighton gay pride.

I can’t write this post without mentioning the city’s football club. Brighton and Hove Albion for me are part of what makes Brighton what it is. The club is about more than just football it is about the community. Going to the AMEX stadium in Falmer is one of my favourite things to do, and it is truly a special experience. I might just be saying this because I’m a huge football and Brighton supporter but I think that if you’re visiting the city and have the chance to attend a match at the AMEX then definitely take the opportunity. You’ll be overwhelmed by the sea of blue and white and the love for the sport, club and city.



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