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Cambridge – The city of punting

Cambridge – The city of punting

Cambridge, a city known for its prestigious university, punting and beautiful architecture. The city is stunning all year around, regardless of whether you visit in the winter months or summer. As long as you get to experience the sunset create a golden city; as it reflects of the buildings. The sunsets in Cambridge are some of the best I have ever seen!

There is a lot to do in this city! From museums, punting, shopping and walking around the grounds of the University of Cambridge and it’s colleges. But lets start with punting. Perfect on the a hot summer’s day, as you take a one hour (2 mile) journey down the river Cam. You might find that it is quite pricey, but the price is normally up for discussion. (Especially if you are a student). The punting journey takes you past some of the university’s most famous sights and colleges. Including the Bridge of Sighs, Kings College, queen’s College, the Mathematical bridge and many many more. The punting tour guide will tell you everything you need to know on the journey. Of course you can punt yourself, which would certainly give you a different experience of punting.

Walking around the city is also amazing. It is such a beautiful place, from its small cobbled shopping streets, large parks with stunning views of the river Cam and the University. My advice would be to do this at sunset! Trust me you would be disappointed.

Shopping in Cambridge is great, there is a shopping mall as well as many many more shops in surrounding streets. Every shop that you may need you can find in Cambridge. As well as numerous independent shops that line the cobbled streets. There are also so many places to eat and drink in Cambridge, from branded chains to independent coffee shops and restaurants.

P.S. Remember to watch out for cyclists
Cycling in Cambridge is the most popular mode of transport, so make sure you are wary of what’s around you or heading towards you.

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