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Checklist – The things you must remember

Checklist – The things you must remember

As I’m jetting off this weekend I thought that I would write a quick post about things you need to remember to do before you leave for your travels. A simple checklist is always handy just incase you forget something important.

  1.  Ensure that you have all necessary boarding passes and tickets at the ready:
    This will put your minds at ease before you even leave for your travels. I always used to print these, however recently I have had them digitally on my phone. All my boarding passes for my next trip are conveniently in my apple wallet on my phone.
  2. This follows onto early Check-in:
    If you are able to Check-in for a flight early then do it, as it will make things 100% easier when you arrive at the airport. If you can’t do it just yet but it tells you when, set an alarm to remind you to do it. Or if you have the app it might even send you a notification to let you know the Check-in is open.
  3. Travel insurance:
    A lot of people often forget about buying travel insurance but it is very important that you don’t. If you lose your bag, get injured or miss a flight it will cost you lots of money to deal with these issue. Having good and trusted insurance can put your mind at ease whilst away enjoying yourself.
  4. Sort out your travel money:
    If you are visiting a Country that has a currency that isn’t necessary popular in your country then you may need to buy it in advance in order for the bureau to order in the amount that you require. This is always something to think about.
  5. Packing according to the weather:
    Checkout the weather for your destination before you start packing to ensure that you take only what you will need. For example, if you’re visiting Iceland in the winter you may want to go out and purchase some thermal clothing before you leave. Or if you’re visiting a Mexico in the summer then a new bikini and sun high factor sun tan lotion may be more needed. Even from seeing if you will need jumpers and coats or shorts and dresses can make a huge difference to your packing.
  6. Remember travel adaptors:
    You’ll be able to buy them when you get there sure, but if you have them already then you’re best off not forgetting them. Being from England I often forget that I need travel adaptors when visiting other European Countries.
  7. Phone data roaming:
    Make sure that you turn off your mobile data when heading to another country to avoid some very nasty charges when you get back. Or, contact your mobile provider and check if you able to use your mobile’s 3G whilst abroad. Because this is becoming increasingly popular for mobile companies to offer their customers, you just might not be aware.
  8. Think about travel to and from the airport:
    whether it is getting to the airport in your home country or your holiday destination. It is always a good idea to plan ahead. Think about how far in advance you need to arrive at the airport and take into consideration how long it will take you to get there from your hotel. Train, bus and airport transfer and taxis are popular choices for this.
  9. Give someone back home relevant details:
    You may have gone away many times before and nothing bad gone wrong. However, it doesn’t hurt to give someone back home some details of your trip. These may include; flight times, hotel name and number, travel companions contact details etc.
    Please don’t forget your passport. If you’re like me and always loosing it in the weeks and days leading up to your holiday then start making a pile of things that you are taking and make sure that your passport is on the very top in plain sight.

I hope this post will help you when preparing for your next trip away. And once all of this is out of the way you will be free to enjoy yourself knowing that all these little worries have already been taken care of.

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