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Lincoln – The city of swans

Lincoln – The city of swans

As I’m moving back to Lincoln this week to start my second year studying at the University of Lincoln, I thought that it was only fitting that my next blog post be about the beautiful city itself.

I may experience the student side that Lincoln has; however it is definitely somewhere that you should visit. With lots to do and places to eat and drink, this city has it all!

Let’s start with Steep Hill. Don’t be mistaken by the name, it seriously is very steep. If you’re planning on heading to the top of Steep Hill in the winter, you will start you journey of wearing a coat and wooly scarf but you certainly won’t be ending it wearing all that. Along the way to the top there a lots of tea rooms, pubs, and independent shops for you to stop off in to catch a break. And once you do reach the top you are welcomed by the castle quarter; and to the left of you Lincoln Castle and the right Lincoln Cathedral.

There’s lots to do at the Castle and Cathedral all year around. For example, you can do the castle wall tour where you will see great views of the entire city from high up walls of the castle. Or you can visit the Magna Carta which is held within Lincoln Castle. At Christmas the castle grounds turn into a winter wonderland. The popular Christmas market spread all across the top of the Cathedral quarter at the top of Steep Hill. And also throughout the year the castle grounds and cathedral quarter are home to many other festivals and markets; such as the sausage festival and numerous farmer markets. No matter what time of year it is there is often something going on at the top of steep hill.

At the bottom of steep hill is the main high street; which I would describe as old shop buildings with new branded shops inside. The high street definitely still holds the historical character that it once had whilst offering all the shops that visitors and locals need. For example, there is an old Tudor styled bridge cafe which is built over the River Witham. I would definitely suggest checking Stokes bridge cafe out! It serves amazing coffee, hot chocolates and food and at the same time takes you back in time with its traditional and old fashioned style. But if you’re in the mood for shopping then you’re in luck! there’s lots of shops both on the high street, in the small waterside shopping mall, and in numerous bussniess parks in the city.

The next area of Lincoln that is definitely worth checking out is the Brayford pool waterfront. Where you can find lots of restaurants, as well as some bars, hotels and an Odeon cinema. At night this part of Lincoln looks very modern in contrast to its historical style buildings on the high street.

If it’s a nice sunny day then head along to the Lincoln Arboretum on the east side of the city. Sit in the sun and have a picnic, play some balls games, find your way around the miniature maze or just take in the beauty around you.

The are so many places to drink in Lincoln; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. And the great thing is that many of these places are super cheap (especially as a student).

Top 5 coffee shops that I recommend:

  1. Bookshop Cafe
  2. Coffee Aroma
  3. Waterstones Cafe
  4. Stokes Bridge Cafe
  5. The Rest

Top 5 Pubs/bars that I recommend:

  1. Magna Carta Pub
  2. The Ritz Wetherspoons
  3. The Swan
  4. Queen and the West Pub
  5. Tower Bar

No.1 Piece of Advice:

  • Beware of the locals … and by this I mean the swans.
  • Lincoln is home to many beautiful swans, just be wary when passing near them.
  • And be respectful of their home.

Swan on the Brayford

No.1 Place for coffee:

  • Bookstop Cafe
  • This cafe can be found half way up steep hill and it is such a cute place to grab a coffee. Whether you’re with a friend, family or by yourself it’s perfect!
  • The walls are decorated with twinkle lights and you are sounded by bookcases; and as you sit there enjoying your drink you can see passers-by outside.
  • I visited the cafe one Friday afternoon, it started to snow and I could see it from the comfort of the cafe. certainly a moment that I won’t forget.

    Bookstop Cafe, Lincoln

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