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Wanderlust – The items that inspire

Wanderlust – The items that inspire

If you have that wanderlust feeling but aren’t sure when your next trip is; there is something that you can do to inspire yourself until the time of your next trip comes. Travel themed items are a great way to keep hold of that wanderlust feeling from home. And the great thing is that you can purchase them from pretty much anywhere these days – Primark, Amazon, boutique shops, literally anywhere. This blog post is all about travel themed items that I have, where I bought them and how much etc.

1.Travel themed keepsake box:

  • Shop: Paperchase
  • Location: Lincoln (although can be found throughout the UK and online)
  • Price: £5
  • About: Although on the website it describes this item as a gift box, I personally think that it is perfect as a box to keep your precious travel memories.


Take me to a beautiful place picture frame

2. Take me to a beautiful place photo frame:

  • Shop: Sass & Belle
  • Location: Convent Garden, London
  • Price: £4.50
  • About: This cute and inspirational photo frame is a perfect beside item. You can put your own photo inside or leave it as it is.

3. Luckies of London travel diary:

  • Shop: Luckies of London & Amazon
  • Location: Online
  • Price: Around £15
  • About: This travel diary has everything you could possibly need! From planning pages, budget pages, a diary section, contact section. It also comes with individual mini scratch maps for each continent.

4. Watercolour world map canvas:

  • Shop: Not a particular shop unfortunately but a market stall
  • Location: Camden Market, London
  • Price: £5
  • About: A small canvas with a big impression, the colourful watercolour map can brighten up any room and anyone.

Mini watercolour map canvas

5. World scratch map:

  • Shop: Can be found online on Amazon as well as in store in shops such as Waterstones. I bought mine in Iceland in a similar shop to Waterstones. Luckies also sell lots of different styles online.
  • Location: In shop and Online across the world
  • Price: Roughly around £18, depending on where you purchase it from.
  • About: A Great way to visually see where you have visited and how much more there is out there for you to experience. They are usually quite large and a perfect decoration to hang on your wall.


Airport destination poster

6. Personalised airport destination poster:

  • Shop:
  • Location: Online
  • Price: £21.50
  • About: I received this item as a birthday present. But you simply type in the places that you have visited (or plan to visit) when purchasing online.

7. New York sign:

  • Shop: B&M
  • Location: Lincoln (although can be found throughout the UK)
  • Price: £4.99
  • About: A simple New York sign with a simple New York background design.

8. Cinema light box:

  • Shop: Robert Dyas
  • Location: Brighton (although can be found throughout the UK and online)
  • Price: £22.99
  • About: this may not be travel themed when initially bought, but it’s what words you bring to light. For me I chose ‘Travel the world’ – it’s simple and sweet.

Cinematic Lightbox

9. Miss Wood cork map board:

  • Shop: Miss Wood
  • Location: Online
  • Price: Depending on size – from at £29.90 to £69.90
  • About: similar to the scratch map except you pin flags to where you have been. You can also pin pictures, tickets and fairy lights to it, which I love the idea of!
  • I currently have my eye on this product and hope to purchase it soon.


Travel notebook

10. Mini travel notebook: 

  • Shop: Waterstones
  • Location: In-store and Online
  • Price: £7.99
  • About: I received this item as a present from a friend at University and instantly fell in love. It is a handy pocket-size notebook perfect for notes and thoughts on the go.




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