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Five things to do for free in…Budapest

Five things to do for free in…Budapest

Five things to do for free in…Budapest – The National Student

Budapest is a great place to visit if you’re on a budget.

After visiting the city for the second time the other week I realised that a large proportion of the attractions and activities that we did during our trip were free. Here’s what you should be visiting if you’re in the city.

Buda Castle

This is a must visit whilst in Budapest. When you arrive at the foot of the Castle Hill you’ll find a long line of tourists, all queuing for the funicular railway; however to save a bit of cash you can walk to the top of the Castle Hill. It may look high up and far away, but the path up to the top is not too steep, and the walk up takes you through parts of the Castle Wall and offers great views along the way.

Budapest 2017 castle

Fisherman’s Bastion 

This is a beautiful piece of architecture, that boasts an equally beautiful view of the Pest side of the city and Hungarian Parliament. You can pay a small fee to walk along the top of the attraction. However, personally I think that you can get the same experience without paying. Also, try visiting at sunset, when you’ll get an almost completely different experience as the Fisherman’s Bastion somehow looks even more stunning.

Danube Bank

Shoe’s on the Danube bank is a memorial to honour the people who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II. The memorial is free and located on the bank of the Pest side of the River.








Visit a ruin bar or pub

Ruin pubs are free and amazing places to drink in the evening and throughout the night. Even if you’re not planning on having a heavy night out they are great places to visit whilst in Budapest.


Elizabeth Square

If it is a particularly hot day whilst you are in Budapest then head to Elizabeth Square where there is a large water ‘fountain’ where locals and tourists visit to paddle their feet whilst soaking in some sun. (Check out my video)

Five things to do for free in…Budapest – The National Student

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