SophieCo | Amsterdam – The 10 things you should know
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Amsterdam – The 10 things you should know

Amsterdam – The 10 things you should know

Amsterdam is a popular city break destination for all types of people. But there are certainly things that you should remember when you are visiting the city.

1. Beware of cyclists! In Amsterdam cycling is the main mode of transport for locals and they come first when it comes to other forms of transportation. Just remember to check for bicycles every time you cross a road because its more than likely that there will be one right behind you. And if you think that the cyclists will slow down because you’re crossing the street then think twice. If you are planning to hire a bike to ride around the city then you will need to be extra careful!


Hiring a bike in Amsterdam

2. Amsterdam is an expensive place to drink. This is because of its vast tourist attraction to the Red Light District and it’s bars. If you’re wanting to drink lots but spend little than beer is definitely your best choice. If you’re a spirits drinker then you might have to make the decision between price and taste.

3. If you are planning on the visiting the Anne Frank House then book online in advance to avoid disappointment. Or you can always queue up outside, but this can usually take hours. So once you know when you are visiting Amsterdam make sure you next book your tour tickets.

4. Don’t be alarmed by the constant smell of weed, it’s completely normal. Amsterdam is well-known for its legalisation of weed and is a popular tourist attractions as a result. You might find it strange to see people doing it in public and in the day and therefore find a constant strong smell throughout your stay.

5.Another thing to not be alarmed by the Prostitute windows found on the Red Light District. You might find this bizarre but in fact this is completely in Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal here and has been since 1811, it’s part of the culture. 


Red Light District at night

6. Following on from this is, please remember that it is illegal to take photographs of the prostitutes behind the window. This is in order to respect their rights and privacy. If they see you taking a photo they are most likely going to give you some strong verbal abuse and it has also been known for them to throw tourist’s cameras in the canal.

7. Don’t worry about getting lost because soon enough you will find your away round and even remember your route back to the hotel without the use of google maps. Amsterdam is a reasonably big area with attractions spread throughout; and what doesn’t help to getting lost is the fact that most streets look almost identical. Soon enough you will start to remember where things are; just try to use landmarks and rememberable buildings to help you.

8. Be prepared for lots of tourists. If you’re trying to take a picture of the I Amsterdam sign without anyone else getting in the way then good luck. Amsterdam is such a popular city break destination that the amount of tourists can be overwhelming. My advice is that if you are desperate of a picture without anyone else in it then take it in the early morning around 6 or 7 AM.


I Amsterdam Sign in the morning

9. Amsterdam like most of Europe takes the Euro and the majority of restaurants and bars to take card, often with a small charge on top to do so. Souvenirs shops and small cafes may however prefer cash. This might be something to think about.

10. If you are flying into Amsterdam Schipol Airport and are worried about getting the to central Amsterdam then train is your best way of doing so. A single ticket will cost you $5.40 and the journey is only about 20 minutes long.

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