SophieCo | Here’s how you can use Ryanair’s recent drama to get a city break for £9.99
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Here’s how you can use Ryanair’s recent drama to get a city break for £9.99

Here’s how you can use Ryanair’s recent drama to get a city break for £9.99

In recent weeks Ryanair have cancelled over 400,000 bookings on 18,000 flights for between November 2017 and March 2018.

This is as a result of a mess up with their pilot’s holiday schedule and not having enough pilots to cover flights, resulting in Ryanair having to refund the majority of their passengers on these flights.

However this is good news for travellers, as Ryanair have now massively lowered their prices for flights.

Ryanair are now promoting a flash sale on ‘city breaks’, where the flights to numerous destinations are starting at £9.99 one way. The majority of your popular city break destinations are included, from France to Bulgaria. What’s great is that these £9.99 flights are available until February 2018, so now there’s no reason to not book that weekend away that you have been dreaming about. So why not try somewhere new or visit your favourite European city?


Anyone fancy visiting Germany for £9.99? Flights to: Berlin Schonefeld, Cologne, Hamburg, and Dortmund and more are now only £9.99 one way from multiple British airports including London Stansted, Edinburgh, Newcastle and more.

So why not indulge yourself into some history in Berlin by visiting The Berlin Wall memorial or Checkpoint Charlie? Or, if you’re a football fan, head to Dortmund to take a tour of the Signal Iduna Park and the ‘Yellow Wall’ stand.

Leipzig is also another destination where you can buy flights for £9.99 one way, and although it may not be a popular tourist destination it is certainly worth the visit. There’s lots to do in Leipzig, from City-Hochhaus tower – which offers a panoramic view of the city – to the zoo or the Leipzig Panometer. Leipzig is a modern city with lots of shops and restaurants.


It’s not just Germany that you can travel to for this cost. Flights to multiple destinations across Spain are also only £9.99, including Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Mallorca and Ibiza. 

Germany and Spain aren’t your only options, though! If you’ve already visited them and have already had enough craft beer or sangria, you can check out a vast array of other european capitals.Other popular destinations include:

  • Sofia, Bulgaria – £7.99
  • Strasbourg, France – £7.99
  • Basel, Switzerland – £9.99
  • Copenhagen, Denmark – £9.99
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg – £9.99
  • Oslo, Norway – £9.99
  • Salzburg, Austria – £9.99

So if these cheap flight prices have left you wanting to book a city break now, head over to the Ryanair website whilst the sale is on. It’s a deal too good to be true!

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