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When is best to visit your Favourite European Destinations

When is best to visit your Favourite European Destinations

I believe that there are definitely certain times that are best to visit certain places in Europe in order to get a the best experience. Some destinations may even have more than one best time of year to visit.

If you’re planning a winter get away during the months of January – March then here are my suggestions:

Reykjavik (Iceland):
If you’re hoping to see the Northern Lights whilst in Iceland then between January and March are definitely the best time to go. And if you’re not a fan of the minus temperatures that Iceland experiences then March might be the perfect month for you. With ever so slightly warmer temperatures but still the high Aurora activity as January.  Also, the city looks absolutely beautiful this time of year. With snow on the ground all around you, breathtaking sunrises and colourful streets contrasting the white winter sky.

If you’re visiting for a weekend city break then wrap up warm whilst you do some sightseeing – and then reward yourself with a visit to the thermal baths. Which will make the winter air bearable as you submerge yourself in the outside geothermal pools. Many of the thermal baths in Budapest are open all year around and it’s been said the February is a perfect month to visit.

This Scandinavian holiday destination is a great place to visit during the winter months at the beginning of the year. Wrap up warm and wonder the streets colourful and cobbled streets of Copenhagen.

If a spring holiday is what you’re planning then here’s where is perfect to visit between the months of April – June:

I have visited Amsterdam two times during the month of June and both times I have experienced beautiful weather. The Spring sun shines brightly on the flower beds around the canals as the water is reflected perfectly across the canals. It’s perfect weather to walk around this amazing city, and at night it is the also the perfect temperature to enjoy the nightlife the city has to offer. Vondel park is a must this time of year. You can relax on the grass by the lake and water feature as the sun shines down on you.

I recommend visiting during this time in order to get an authentic Zürich experience but at the same time it not be too cold, wet and windy. The mountain ride is such an amazing experience and only runs during the ‘spring/summer’ months – which included June. Zürich is absolutely stunning this during the spring as the blossoms trees are blooming, creating a true spring experience in the city.

As it begins to get warm in Prague during the Spring months, reaching highs of 20°C in June, a city break in Prague is perfect at this time of year. The sun shines down on the old streets of the city, whilst you enjoy a stroll through Old Square Market or a picnic with a view on Petrin Hill. The city is transformed by colourful flowers and blossom trees. If you’re lucky enough to visit whilst it’s really hot (in June) then you can cool off on the a pedal boat on the river Vltava. If you’re visiting with a group of friends, then why not take some beers on board and take turns jumping in.

It’s summer time, and what’s better than an escape to the sun? If you’re planning a trip away between July – September then check out these destinations:

September is a perfect month to visit this historic city. The temperatures are still very high, the sun shines brightly making the city feel warm and welcoming. It’s the perfect end of summer holiday! Also if you go once the school have re-opened it will be much cheaper to visit.

Split & Dubrovnik (Croatia): 
If you’re looking for a destination that has beautiful streets for you to wonder along, as well as beaches for you explore – then Croatia in the summer is the place to be. You can spend hours walking along the cost line finding

(Images belong to Lauren Floyd)

If you want some fun in the sun and do some sightseeing at the same time then Budapest is a great city to visit in the summer. With high temperatures throughout the day, it means that you can catch a tan whilst visiting landmarks such as Buda castle and Fisherman’s Bastion. You may not get the full experience of the Thermal Baths with it being so hot outside already, but the surrounding of the Széchenyi thermal baths makes for breathtaking sunbathing views. And is also a great place to relax after a long day of walking in the sun. At night the temperatures stay high, meaning you can enjoy your night on bar crawls of the city and in ruin pubs that much more.

As Autumn turns to winter the months of October – November are best spent at the European cities:

A weekend city break to Berlin is perfect this time of year. Berlin is known as a very modern city filled with lots of history. Wrap up warm and visit Check Point Charlie and the Berlin Wall and then spend your evening sipping cocktails in fancy modern cocktails bars across the city.

Autumn means one thing – Oktoberfest. It is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. With Oktoberfest taking place, October is the best time to visit Munich and experience everything else that it has to offer. And if you like drinking beer and dancing on tables then there nowhere better to be than Munich in October. Visiting Neuschwanstein castle is a must, and will look beautiful in the autumn season.

If you’re specifically looking for a Christmas themed getaway in December then check out these destinations:

Amsterdam turns into almost a completely different place during the winter compared to the spring and summer. The canals can freeze over, and bikes are left covered in snow. With extremely cold temperatures you’ll need to wrap up warm; but this makes the christmas experience in Amsterdam authentic. A Christmas market takes over the entire city, as there is a 40 foot Christmas tree in Dam Square. Also if you head to the Museumplein  then you can ice skate with the Rijksmuseum in the background; there will also be lots of traditional stalls around you.

(Images belong to Kezia Smith)

The Christmas Markets in Prague are world known. As the city is covered with a layer of snow, head to Old Town Square where you will find the markets. Whilst there you can soak up the festive atmosphere by browsing the stalls, enjoying Christmas themed food and drinks and listen to some live Christmas carols.

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