SophieCo | BBC plans to ‘re-invent’ sports coverage
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BBC plans to ‘re-invent’ sports coverage

BBC plans to ‘re-invent’ sports coverage

The BBC plans to increase its broadcasting coverage of live sport this year by introducing 1,000 extra hours as well as 30 more additional sports and sporting events.

This new programming will include the increasingly popular Women’s Super League Football. The British Basketball League, swimming and wheelchair tennis are also amongst the newly broadcasted sports, along with even more coverage of the FA Cup, by showing more games that take place in the earlier rounds. Offering the opportunity of more TV appearances to lower league teams.

Steph Houghton playing for Arsenal W.F.C

The BBC is adjusting to appeal to the new generation; in which online streaming is hugely popular with. As well as trying to stream sports that showcase moments that will inspire more people to take part in sport. With growing support for women’s football in the UK since the Lionesses came in 3rd place in the 2015 Women’s World Cup; there has been an increase in television coverage as a result. But now with this ‘re-invention’ there is due to be more even more women’s football coverage.

The majority of these sports will be broadcast on the company’s online streaming site, BBC iPlayer as well as on the BBC sport website itself.


(Images from The National Student)
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