SophieCo | How to plan a last-minute getaway to Spain
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How to plan a last-minute getaway to Spain

How to plan a last-minute getaway to Spain

If you’re planning a last-minute getaway to Spain this winter here’s how you can save money in doing so.

Choosing the right destination:
As you might expect, the most expensive cities are the most popular cities – Barcelona, Madrid and Palma. But there are some cities in Spain that offer a much better value for money. Andalusia is a region at the bottom of Spain, with cities such as Seville, Granada and Malaga located within. The city of Jerez in Andalusia offers the best value for money. These cities are some of the cheapest city break destinations, with new flight routes from the UK to Seville and Granada this winter. You can catch a flight and within three hours, be enjoying some Spanish tapas in the November sunshine. So maybe it’s time to swap your classic Barcelona and Madrid city break for these cities instead.

Alicante is another city that offers a good value for money, as accommodation, attraction prices and food and drink prices are much lower than Barcelona, Madrid and Palma.

Accommodation choices:
Booking a double hotel room for you stay is the most popular type of accommodation. However, staying in a rental apartment is much cheaper. Most apartments will come with an area to cook your own food, so instead of eating out every night you could cook yourself – much cheaper.

Money saving tips:
There are also other quick and easy ways to keep cost down whilst on a city break in Spain. Avoid booking an Uber, as in some Spanish cities this is actually far more expensive than regular taxis. Another tip is to book tourist attractions entrance tickets directly, as opposed to through a ticket agency, to get the best price. And if you really want to keep costs down look around online before you go to check out whether there are any museums and cultural attractions that offer free entry on a particular day of the week.


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