SophieCo | EasyJet introduces new Instagram booking feature
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EasyJet introduces new Instagram booking feature

EasyJet introduces new Instagram booking feature

EasyJet has introduced a new feature which makes jetting off to a destination found on Instagram ten times easier. Users simply have to upload a screenshot of a picture posted on Instagram to the EasyJet app for the search engine to discover the best flight options to the chosen destination.

The feature, aptly named Look&Book, is reshaping the way holidaymakers research and book their next trip, tailored to the younger Instagram generation who are likely to spend more time wander-lusting over tagged Instagram locations.

The app uses technology to recognise key features within the uploaded image, generating flight options which take into account the closest airport to the desired location as well as the current location of the user. Look&Book also picks up on geotags on Instagram whereby users give label their photos with a geographical identification. The feature is inspired by trends which suggest that travellers are becoming increasingly likely to book a holiday inspired by idyllic social media posts by friends, bloggers, or acquaintances exploring the wonders of the world. The initiative enables travellers to streamline their holiday choices and focus on specific places they wish to visit, whether it is a castle in Luxembourg or the picturesque houses of Amsterdam.

The Look&Book feature can be found on the EasyJet App by clicking the ‘action and share extensions’ icon once a screenshot has been uploaded. A notification then pops up on the phone which will take the user straight to the holiday options.

To find out more about the Easyjet Look&Book feature, you can download the application here.


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