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Venice – The first stop

Venice – The first stop

Venice began with an entirely new way of airport transfer. With there being no roads in Venice a water taxi is the best way to get from the airport to the centre of the city. When you’re travelling around Europe for the following four weeks, arriving at your first destination by boat speeding through the water is certainly a great way to start in style.

Before leaving England I purchased a Venezia City Pass, depending on what pass you chose which best suits you the pass gives you selected entry to the city’s churches and museums. The main attraction that I was interested in visiting was the Doge’s Palace located in the infamous St Mark’s Square. The interior of each room is filled from walls to ceiling with paintings each telling a story. The Chamber or the Great Council is easily the most spectacular of all. With benches running along the edge of the room, take some time to sit down and take it all in. The room also has a window that offers a unique view of the Grand Canal. The best surprise of all was walking onto the Bridge of Sighs – something that was on my bucket list to see – without even realising. Before visiting I never knew that you could actually walk across it so this was definitely a highlight of mine.

The majority of our time in Venice we spent walking around exploring the tight and narrow streets. Taking time out to just sit by the canal side. We found this one spot, secluded from the hustle of the main streets. We visited this spot numerous times, once to eat our ice cream, another to eat out lunch. We even sat there in the late afternoon with a book as it just seemed like the perfect place for it.

As expected, Venice is very expensive. Everything from coffee, bear and your meals you should expect the price to be considerably higher in comparison to other cities in Italy. There’s no getting around the prices so it’s best to budget yourself well whilst there.

On the last day, we visited a bar that we had passed every day on our way to and from our accommodation. It was happy hour from 4pm until 6pm, which definitely persuaded us more to go in for some drinks. The bar is called Bacaro Jazz and certainly has a quirky vibe, with bras hanging from the ceiling inside. Each bra I’m guessing has a story behind it. We sat there for hours, even past the 6pm happy hour cut of drinking and reflecting on our time in Venice and what we had planned for the rest of our time travelling across Italy. We even received two free cocktails from the waiters for some unknown reason, but we weren’t to question it.

Our time in Venice had come to an end and it wasn’t as orthodox as most people’s visit but we definitely made it our own. Caio Venice, next stop MILAN

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