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Hey! I’m Sophie a third-year journalism student at the University of Lincoln. Originally from Brighton, I love to explore new places. I write posts on for my own personal website as well as for The National Student – where I have published 23 articles and received over 27,000 reads.

…and here’s a little about me and my interests…

I grew up in the south of England, just outside of Brighton. I’m proud of where I’m from and this is definitely shown through my love for Brighton and Hove Albion. Growing up watching the team and watching its success feels me with pride.


I first became interested in journalism when towards the end of my time in secondary school and whilst in Sixth Form. I realised that I love to inform people and tell them stories. I enjoy helping people experience great things, which is where my love for travel writing came from.

My Interests:

1. Travelling:

I love experiencing new places, whether this is in a foreign country or right here in the UK. I did not realise this love until I went on my first ever solo holiday. After this, I felt a constant desire to travel. Before I headed off to University I took a gap year and spent the time travelling as much of Europe as I could.

Travelling as the main topic for this blog allows me to write so much, as there is an endless amount to write about. As long as I keep travelling, I can keep writing.

2. Politics:

Since taking A Level Politics in Sixth form I have become very interested in politics – British, America and European in particular. Taking the A-level opened my mind to a brand new aspect of life that I had never learnt about before.

Since taking politics I strongly support the campaign that politics should be taught in secondary school as a compulsory subject, alongside subjects such as English and Maths. Political situations such as the Brexit referendum really made me realise how uneducated the British public really is about politics.

3. Dance:

I have danced since the age of three and have tried many different styles. The main styles that I pursue are ballet, tap, street dance and contemporary. I have danced for the same dance school in Southwick since I started dancing at three years old. I also danced at my secondary school for my GCSE’s and extra curriculum showcases.

Since coming to university I now dance for ULDS (University of Lincoln Dance Society). I have taken part in three competitions, winning 3rd place in Intermediate Contemporary at NTU Dance Competition. As of July 2018 I will be the new Media and Communications Officer for the society.

Sophie Coburn

Key experience:

  1. Media and Communications Officer for ULDS
  2. The National Student contributor